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Monday, February 13, 2006

Send free SMS/Text Messages from websites

Here is a list of websites offering free SMS/Text Messages from their websites.
(Note: You may need to register / and some websites have limitations) - sms/text India for free. - Send SMS/Text messages to UK networks, No registration needed. - SMS to Europe/UK/USA and many countries - Send SMS and MMS. - You can send only 2 SMSs free upon registration. - SMS to India - Send SMS to USA

And... there is a trick:
Install ICQ, add any user (add for example as a buddy, modify the user settings and add cell number. On the buddy list, right click the user and send sms! Thats it! Easy, free and unlimited!!!!

Let me know if you know any other good FREE SMS/Text messaging providers.
I will add tho the web site list. Thanks.