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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fixed Line Voice Messaging In Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia has launched a short voice messaging service from fixed line phones

Launched under the brand name “MyVoice”, the new Telekom Malaysia service permits fixed line users to record and send short voice messages to any phone user, fixed or mobile. By dialing a 4-digit short-code (1555#), users can record a message up to twenty seconds longwhich can be sent to either fixed line phones or mobiles. Background music, sound effects and other greetings can be added. The receiver can also reply to the message by pressing the "#" button on their phone.

The system has been developed by TM Applied Business (TAB) of Kuala Lumpur combined with TelcoBridges' TB640 System-Blade™, IVR and StreamServer™ technologies with TAB’s Virtual Communication Services (VCS) application solution.

"The service has been very well accepted by large organizations, the public sector and the visually-impaired, all of whom find it very fast and easy to send short voice messages to single or multiple numbers", said Abdul Malek Aziz, TAB’s Head of Marketing. TAB is now marketing system globally.

TAB is using the TelcoBridges' technology to develop a voice messaging on-line portal offering the broadcasting of voice messages to phone users via the Internet to be launched in April.

"Consumers in Asia are very open to innovative voice services" said Gaetan Campeau, President, Founder and Executive Vice-President, Worldwide Sales, TelcoBridges Inc.