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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Australia: MSN Messenger for 3G Operator 3

3 mobile, Australia’s first 3G network, today announced MSN Messenger is available to their customers. With 4.1 million users, MSN Messenger is Australia’s most used free instant messaging service. The alliance with the country’s largest and most advanced 3G network will, according to 3 mobile’s General Manager of Content and Services, Scott Taylor, drive further change in the way people use their mobile phones.

“With the launch of MSN Messenger, the opportunity for 3 mobile customers to choose how and when they communicate with each other is now greater than ever before,” he said. From today 3 customers will be able to see MSN Messenger contacts and exchange messages when their friends are on their PCs or on the move with 3 mobile.

“From customer feedback we know that the ability to have instant conversations with your friends, wherever you are is very compelling and we expect to see even more frequent interaction between mobile-to-mobile and PC-to-mobile customers,“ said Mr Taylor. Download MSN Messenger from Planet 3 today and enjoy unlimited for just $5 for 30 days. MSN Messenger is launching on the following 3 mobile handsets: Sony Ericsson k608i, and z800, as well as the LG 8138, 8180, 8330, 8360, 8380, u880, u890 and Motorola v3X.

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