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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Skype SMS also powered by Mobile 365

Looking to expand its mobile reach, Skype is turning to Mobile 365 to enable its customers to send SMS messages to mobile subscribers. The agreement is part of Mobile 365's push of messaging interoperability.

With Mobile 365's technology, Skype can offer customers the ability to send messages to contacts, even if they are offline. Mobile 365's global interoperator network facilitates the delivery of the message to the mobile device. Mobile 365 launched its global intercarrier MMS service last month. The company calculates it facilitates 2 billion messages a month in the personal messaging space. The total inlcudes both MMS and SMS messages.

When Skype decides to unleash premium SMS services, the company plans to again turn to Mobile 365, although no timetable was given for such a launch.

Skype was attracted to Mobile 365 as a partner because the company had the ability to access difficult but important markets such as China and India, according to Skype Director of Paid Products Michael Jackson.